Wednesday, 1 February 2012


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Friday, 2 September 2011


Just an outfit shot today. Went back to school for enrolment and found out about going to sixth form and everything. Saw new people and the combination of them and old people reminded me how much I hate people haha. Also! Saw the guy from Angry Boys and Summer Heights High! That was interesting lol.

Had to make it ultra super gay to hide the messy room lol.

Outfit Rundown:
Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Shirt: H&M
Dungarees: Forever21

Thursday, 1 September 2011


'SUP BITCHES. I come bearing gifts of bloody pictures. Literally. Finlay and I had our ♥◇。.・★・゚・.。.♪*・.・☆.゚*・。✧・゚・:*~Zombie Party~ *:・゚・✧。・*゚.☆・.・*♪.。.・゚・★・.。◇♥ the other day and it was fucking homoawesome and incredibly fun.

I stayed over at Fingay's the night before as we planned to make erotic foods like a penis birthday cake, boob cupcakes and vodka jelly in preparation for our party.

These were the aprons we always wear when cooking awesome shit. We spent so long in them they became a part of us and moulded to our bodies.

Our cooking area. Messy as fuck.

Erm... Our boob cakes did not end up very boob looking. We're shit at this.

So our plans did not end up going very well and we left most of this stuff at Finlay's house instead of taking them to the studio where the party was being held. We had a shit ton of pizza and bread and other things so it was all good.

So the next day, Finlay and I went for purikura before we got all ruined by being drunk and our makeup still looked good because it is necessary to take purikura while in zombie makeup.

My beautiful brain drawing is so fucking realistic, I am so amazed by myself.



We're making Karyu faces here apparently.




When we came back, Sarah Wong Sausage Wong was waiting for us "expectantly in her lusty boudoir". Those were her exact words.This is why I am friends with her. Also because she is my chinky twin. 8D

Set to work baking pizzas and bloodying Sausage Wong up before going to the studio to decorate. Finlay and I didn't really get proper decorations prior and mostly got necklaces and dog toys from the 99p Store BUT WE WORKED WITH WHAT WE HAD. And we made it fucking beautiful.


There was also this which I came back to and was pleasantly surprised.

The bathroom was also decorated gloriously by us.

Yeah I wasn't actually there for the main decorating because I am a dumb fuck. We were eating the shit tons of bread that was bought for us because we were hungry and one minute my tongue piercing was there and the next, I was like, "HANG ON, MY MOUTH FEELS WEIRD" and I ended up swallowing it. It was a cool pill shaped one too! I immediately panicked and went to try and throw up to get it back ahahaha. It didn't work so I had to walk back to Finlay's house to replace it with a shitty ball.

But when I came back from that long ass ordeal, quite a few people had arrived already and that was nice!

THEN THE DRINKING HAPPENED. Finlay and I bought massive syringes to do shots out of and it was bloody awesome. TEAM NACHTMAHR SOURZ.

We had a sea of alcohol and more people arrived so the party pretty much started lol. We did so much shit like drinking and dancing as well as attempting to play Twister. When that didn't work, we just played this drinking game that was comprised of internet memes printed out onto paper to form cards haha. There are only really pictures of us dancing though.

I'll just post some of the highlights from the party.


Ray, Marie and Alex lol.

Bree dressed as an awesome zombie maid brought along Malcom the zebra for Finlay. 8D

Bree drinking from my Dr Pepper. ;D

Finlay, me, Bree and Memz.

Bree, Memz, me and Alex.

Finlay and I.

I had a penis shaped watergun.

This was probably around 5am when quite a few people had already gone to sleep? Note the beautiful melty horse face.

Other hilarious shit included Nathan getting so drunk/high that he thought he was possessed by demons before proceeding to kick Jaz in the head because Jaz said "fuck cats".


Jamie looking like he was praying while he was sleeping. This was so fucking hilarious.

Alex was a fucking pimp while he slept through the whole party.


At around 6am, the rest of us who were still awake decided to sleep. There weren't enough duvets for the rest of us because the bitches who slept early stole Duvetland. For the rest of us, we had to make do with shitty blow up mattresses and bits of sheets or something. Jack and I just had this mattress and I was cold as fuuuuck. :C

We all woke up at around 10am to the shitty aftermath of the party.

That Sainsbury's bag for life on the left is Nathan's BAG OF SICK.

Apparently, this melon was opened by being smashed against someone's WILLING head. Fucking lol.

Also, a slight orgy happened in the morning. Woops.

We managed to clean up the party all right and then afterwards, went back to Brighton to stay with Jack. I wasn't hung over, thank God. 8D It was really fucking fun and I am ultra super sad face about my Fingay moving away because now we can't have as many fun times and WE CAN'T GET ICE CREAM TOGETHER ANYMORE. 8C

Oh yeah! I didn't manage to get proper outfits for this again lol. But I really loved my overall outfit and I think I managed to make it work despite the fact I didn't really look like a nurse at all and the outfit wouldn't BUTTON OVER MY BOOBS LOL.

I was going for a really over the top, club kid/Tokyo Decadance style and I think I managed to achieve this? I hope I have! I could've been a bit more OTT though. D8

Hair and makeup pre-blood. I wore like, three pairs of upper lashes haha. Also the pill shaped tongue bar I have swallowed but probably pooed out now loool. ; A ;

Blood lol.

Outfit Rundown:
Hair star: BonjourHoney
Nurse dress: Bodyline
Shoes: Montreal

Yurrr. This entry was ultra super long, fuck you lol. Also, I'm starting sixth form tomorrow, holy shit, so I'm going to be busy again! I've had this whole summer of having fun with a social life but not once did I update this blog. LOL WOOPS. 8'D